I’m just one of the approximately 6.8 billion people on Earth, and I don’t think there’s much that’s particularly remarkable about me or this blog.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re a friend or family, since the point of creating this blog was mostly to share things with people I know personally, on topics that I’d wind up discussing with them over E-mail or in person anyways.  Using a blog just seemed to be a better fit for me than Facebook, E-mail, or other options.  The other major reason for doing this is because my memory is neither great nor getting better (and no, I’m not saying I want Brain Age for the DS for Christmas); writing things down will allow me to have a good laugh at my own expense a few years down the road when I look back on how foolish I was.

I currently work in technology, and more specifically in the communications space for one of the major network equipment providers.  The group I’m in creates communications infrastructure and applications that make telephone networks work – both in the office and at home – and that help companies serve you better when you get in touch with them. However, nothing that I say here is in any way connected to the opinions of any past, present, or future employer – this is just my personal opinion as an individual and consumer.

Outside of work, the arrival of my kids a few years ago wound up getting me quite interested in photography.  I am definitively amateur, but have benefited from the experience of people much more skilled than I am – not to mention the power of the Internet to educate you on almost any topic you’re interested in.  I like lots of other things too – gaming, home theatre, technology and electronics – but I’ll probably talk mostly about photography here.  That’s because most of the good advice I see online is written by professionals, which is good of course, but I’ve come to feel that there’s definitely a number of areas where a professional viewpoint can lead to fairly different decisions than if you know you’re not trying to make money with your pictures but rather are just trying to capture moments in your personal life.  What I write will come from this perspective.  Just in case the world needs another uneducated point of view!

If you have comments that aren’t suited to a public forum, you can E-mail at mark (at) markdavidscott.com.

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