Jun 142011

Although I seem to write disproportionately about photography, I’ve still spent more of my life playing videogames than taking pictures. It’s easier! I just don’t post anything on this topic because I don’t think I have any insight of value. Not that I have insight about photography, but at least on that topic, I think I come at it from a different angle than most of what I see out there.

But since I’m already on the verge of forgetting some memorable gaming experiences that I’d rather not lose with my memory, I started writing down all the games I’d played that were particularly memorable to me. I’m not actually finished with that process yet – I’ve added about 39 games to the list, and have at least 14 to go that I can currently think of – but after a month of occasionally adding one or two more titles to the list, I’m just posting the page with the TODO list at the bottom.

If you’re one of those people I spent lots of time playing games with, and I left something off the list that deserves to be there, do let me know!

It’s on the top header menu, or you can find the page here.

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