It’s always raining in Seattle

At least, this was a refrain we were growing used to hearing when telling people that we were moving to Kirkland, in the greater Seattle area. And I have no doubt that there’s a lot of truth to this, that we will unfortunately ultimately discover. Certainly the contractors trying to convince us to spend thousands on changes to better protect against moisture – and the beams in our deck that were clearly destroyed by it – make it clear that it’s not as dry as Arizona here.

Still, I had nothing to complain about on my first Sunday afternoon there, when I finally got to walk around close to the area where we’re living:

If you’re wondering about the 2nd picture, no, we don’t have a house on the water, though fortunately this location is walkable from where we do live. And I have to comment since a colleague, Nicolas, had asked about the earlier post about leaving Toronto about whether skyline picture I took was from my home.  (I said if it was, I wouldn’t have been leaving Toronto!).

Indeed, in the 8 days I spent in Kirkland, only one was truly miserable and while the others did have some rain here and there, it really wasn’t anything much to complain about. It is a little odd, though; you can look up and see not a cloud in the sky and still have a little rain falling on you.  I’m sure it will be worse, perhaps much worse, over the winter months – but at this point, I’m thinking I’ll take that over snow and ice. Though I reserve the right to change my mind on that once I really experience it!

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