Holiday & Seahawks Lights

If you’re going to decorate the outside of your home with lights over the holidays, or you want to show support for your favorite sports team (in this case, the Seattle Seahawks), make sure you don’t move in next to these folks from up the street:

This shot doesn’t capture everything; the lights you see to the top left are Santa’s sleigh, being pulled by reindeer, and mounted high up in the trees! This magnificent show of lights is an annual thing for them, which they’ve been doing since they moved to the area. ┬áThat Seahawks logo is actually strung together using what looks like regular strings of holiday lights – very carefully and precisely arranged. Every year, a few thousand people come by to see the lights and, thanks to the generosity of the hosts, stop by inside where the show continues:

This year, we already outdid ourselves by actually having a (plastic) Christmas tree, and one outdoor light (a pre-made candy cane that was on sale at Costco).  By contrast, they had Christmas trees by a running stream near the village you see above:


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