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Five and half months, zero posts.  Where have I been?  As it turns out, fairly busy with work – on features that support Chromecast, which we finally launched this week.

I’m really excited about the product that we shipped, the accessible price at which we shipped it, and the support for multi-screen experiences that both ourselves and partners have now integrated into truly broad offerings like YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, and Chrome.  As I’ve mentioned here before, we cut the cord when moving here to Washington, relying on streaming services and Google TV, with Blu-ray discs where needed, to get the content we wanted.  So the opportunity to work on bringing a better experience for streaming & web video to everyone has truly been both a joy and privilege.

I’m not going to say more about Chromecast here, as this is my personal blog, doesn’t reflect the views of Google, and would be an inappropriate place to share anything about the product.  But since I only ever posted here for people that I know, I did just want to share why I’d been so quiet as of late :).  It was a huge amount of effort working with a really talented to team to ship what we did, but this really still is the very early days of enabling a whole different way to consume content, so I’m guessing things don’t get less busy from here!

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